Customers criticise Comet quickfire sale

Comet customers have criticised the quickfire sale from the electrical retailer which is offering little more than 10 to 20 per cent off items.


Just been to comet, was expecting a massive sale with big cuts.. 10% off everything isn't exactly a ground breaking sale #dissappointed


Comet fire sale is a load of rubbish, 10-20% off, prices still higher than other shops or outlets!!!!!!


Comet Sale, wat sale, 10% of large goods, 20% of small goods, #wasteoftime

A Deloitte spokesman said of the sale: "The discounts are gentle. It's not a hard sale."


3000 Comet job losses expected

Administrators for the electrical retail chain Comet has announced 125 store closures, which is expected to trigger around 3,000 job losses. Around 330 jobs have been gone today.