Boris: 'I see no reason why Chris Patten should go'

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has told ITV1's The Agenda that Lord Patten should stay as BBC Chairman.

"It's very sad to see the BBC go through turmoil.

I see no particular reason why Chris Patten should go. I think you need him there to steady the ship.

But it's perfectly obvious that they had an absolutely catastrophic breakdown of journalistic standards.

First of all they ignored the Savile scoop which they were sitting on and it seems like they had quite a lot of evidence and then they had this crazy switching the steering wheel in the other direction and going for some 'top Tory paedo' without any real evidence.

It was absolutely disastrous and I'd like to see a wholesale massacre of everybody involved professionally speaking.

The Agenda with Tom Bradby is on ITV1 at 10:35pm.