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400 more primary academies

The Government will improve the UK's 400 weakest primary schools by turning them into academies, Prime Minister David Cameron said today.

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Cameron 'would like his children to go to state school'

David Cameron has talked up the "exciting" changes in the state school system and said he wanted his own children to benefit from the "massive innovations".

The Prime Minister today launched an initiative to turn the UK's 400 weakest primary schools into academies.

Speaking at a PM Direct event, he said:

I would like them [my children] to go to state schools, that's my intention, and I think what's happening in the state school system is really exciting.

Instead of having a set of comprehensive schools we've introduced an element of choice and competition which is leading to massive innovation. As well as academies we've also introduced free schools.

So what we're seeing in the state sector is something that we should have seen years ago which is the flowering of more choice, more competition, more diversity and crucially higher standards.

I want my children to be part of that and I'm very heartened by what is happening.

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