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Gaza rockets fired on Israel

Missiles fired from the Gaza Strip have hit southern Israel for a fourth consecutive day. Israeli officials have warned they will toughen their response if the violence continues.

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Peres: Israel must respond 'immediately' to rocket attacks

Israeli President Shimon Peres has condemned the weekend rocket attacks by Gaza militants on southern Israel as "idiotic" and said Israel must respond "fully and immediately."

He was speaking before today's wave of attacks, which saw the back of a house destroyed in Netivot.

It’s the most idiotic shooting in the world, because if you shoot and you don’t know what you want to achieve, what’s the point? Do they want to destroy Israel? Do they want to make our lives miserable?

If they shoot, we have to respond fully and immediately. There is no room for any consideration.

– President Shimon Peres, speaking to The Jerusalem Post

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