Osborne warns Tories to back gay marriage plans

Chancellor George Osborne has warned the Conservative Party to endorse plans to legalise same-sex marriage or face losing the next General Election.

Writing in The Times, Mr Osborne gave his strongest personal endorsement for the policy, warning that opinion polls indicate a "clear majority" in favour of gay marriage.

Chancellor George Osborne said he "strongly" supports gay marriage on principle Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

He wrote, "I should declare my personal position on these social issues: I wouldn't change the current abortion laws and I strongly support gay marriage on principle".

"Of course in Britain these issues are ones of individual conscience and free votes, but I am proud to be part of a Government that will introduce a Bill to allow gay marriage", he continued.

"It is worth reflecting that in Britain, as in America, a clear majority of the public support gay marriage, and an even bigger majority of women support it ... Successful political parties reflect the modern societies they aspire to lead", Mr Osborne added.