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US open to Syrian rebel talks

President Obama has said he was "encouraged to see the Syrian opposition created an umbrella group" but has warned he was not prepared to recognise the group as a "government in exile."

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Syrian refugees flee renewed bombing on Turkish border

Smokes rises from a building on the Turkish border with Syria Credit: EBU

New refugees from Syria rushed to the Turkish side of the border as Syrian warplanes bombed the two of Ras al-Ain for a second day.

Refugees flee the border as the town of Ras al-Ain endured its second day of bombing Credit: EBU

Residents from both sides of the border scurried for cover as forces loyal to President Assad continue to try and regain control of the town, which fell to rebels last Thursday.

The offensive has caused the biggest refugee movements since the conflict began last year.

Men climb through the wires fence from Syria into Turkey. Credit: EBU

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