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European protests against cuts

Thousands of protesters are striking across Europe against rising unemployment and austerity measures. Travellers flying in and out of the UK are facing disruption as a consequence.

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Conflicting reports over Spanish strike impact

The interior ministry said 32 people had been arrested and 15 people treated for minor injuries following disturbances in Spain, as strikes and protests against austerity measures took place across Europe.

A picketer is arrested by riot police in Malaga. Credit: REUTERS/Jon Nazca

The General Workers Union said the stoppage, the second in Spain this year, was being heeded by nearly 100% of workers in the motor, energy, shipbuilding and construction industries.

But ministry official Cristina Diaz played down participation, saying it was hardly noticeable in goods haulage and major city wholesale food markets.

She said electricity consumption, a gauge of industrial activity, was down 11% on a normal working day.

With a 25% unemployment rate, Spain is at the core of Europe's debt crisis.

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