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Ireland abortion death inquiry

Irish officials have removed three consultants from an inquiry into the death of a pregnant Indian woman in hospital. Praveen Halappanavar, whose wife Savita died after a miscarriage, had refused to co-operate unless the doctors were removed.

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Savita's husband describes her final days in hospital

The husband of Savita Halappanavar told Irish national broadcaster RTE his wife was experiencing a "normal pregnancy" and was "so excited about the birth" until the weekend of October 21, a week before she died on October 28.

The couple rushed to the hospital on Sunday morning as Savita was experiencing "acute pain".

After being examined and sent home the couple returned to hospital, Praveen Halappanavar left the room to allow his wife to be examined by a doctor.

In an interview with RTE Radio's News At One, he said:

I was called in, and I could see Savita in tears, in shock, and she told me it was a cervical dilation, and... they don't think the baby can survive, and there was no way to go about that.

And he said unfortunately, I am sorry, we can't save the baby.

The medical team told Praveen his wife was miscarrying and that it "would all be over in a few hours."

However, this did not happen, and Savita's condition deteriorated through the week.

On Tuesday night, things started getting worse, she was very very cold, and then on Friday morning, the nurse asked me if I had told her family back home, but Savita didn't to worry her parents, and the nurse said no, you have to tell them she is critically ill.

On Saturday night, I was told she was critical, the midwife, she told me to be brave and asked me did I want to be there with her dying, and then.... the doctor told me we lost her.

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