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Hope for new MRSA tool

Scientists have developed a new DNA sequencing technique to tackle MRSA outbreaks which they hope will help stop the spread of the virus in hospitals.

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New MRSA device halted outbreak in baby unit

An early test of the new anti-MRSA device halted an outbreak of the superbug in a special care baby unit at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge.

The "black box" combines sophisticated DNA profiling and database analysis which allows it to identify and target the path of the infection and cut it off.

In the test of the new device a team was quickly able to confirm that 10 babies were part of an MRSA outbreak involving a previously unknown strain of the bug. Swab tests of parents and visitors showed the bacteria had spread outside the hospital into the community.

The outbreak was contained but two months later a new infection was identified in the unit.

DNA sequencing showed it was caused by the same strain identified earlier and was carried to the ward by one of 154 screened health care workers.

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