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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal

Egypt has announced a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that is set to begin at 7pm UK time. The announcement was made by the Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo alongside US Secretary if State Hillary Clinton.

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British diplomat condemns rocket attacks from Gaza

A senior British diplomat has condemned rocket attacks from Gaza, warning that the increased tension between Israel and the Hamas-ruled Palestinian territory threatens a "spiral of violence".

Sir Mark Lyall Grant, UK ambassador to the UN, called for a de-escalation of tension after the latest rocket from Gaza attacks which saw three Israelis killed today:

I utterly condemn rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel, which threaten Israeli civilians and risk precipitating another crisis in Gaza.

My Government understands the intolerable situation for civilians in southern Israel. They have the right to live without fear of attack from Gaza.

We urge Israel to act in a way that de-escalates tension and which increases the prospects for both sides to live in peace. We call on all those involved to avoid any action which risks civilian casualties, and deeply regret civilian casualties that have already taken place.

And we are gravely concerned about the prospect of a spiral of violence. An escalation would be in no one's interest.

– Sir Mark Lyall Grant, UK ambassador to the UN

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