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BP to pay £2.8bn over oil spill

BP is to pay £2.8bn to US authorities to settle claims relating to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 - the largest fine in US history. Two supervisors will face manslaughter charges over the deaths of 11 people.

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Greenpeace: BP deal does not hold 'guilty accountable'

Today's announcement of a proposed settlement between BP and the US government fails every aspect of the commonly accepted notion of penalty.

This proposed settlement would not hold the guilty accountable for their actions.

This fine amounts to a rounding error for a corporation the size of BP.

This proposed settlement would not protect the innocent.

Nothing in this proposed settlement gives any oil company incentive to be more careful in future operations. Cutting corners and skimping on safety will still be the rule of the day.

– Greenpeace senior investigator Mark Floegel

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