Supermarkets to 're-brand' fruit and vegetables

Supermarkets will add more fruit and vegetable to ready meals in a new drive to help consumers eat healthily as a new study found that 70% are failing to meet the recommended "five-a-day" target.

Participating supermarkets will expand their fruit and vegetable sections and make the produce more appealing to children as part of the latest Responsibility Deal pledge to help people choose healthier food, the Department of Health has announced.

Supermarkets to improve fruit sections and fruit and vegetable sections Credit: Julien Behal/PA Wire

It comes as research by Sainsbury's revealed that:

  • 70% do not eat the recommended five-a-day

  • 23% of Britons think chips count as vegetables

  • One third (33%) of those surveyed incorrectly thought that potatoes count as a portion of vegetables

  • 47% of these people believing that roast potatoes can be included in their five-a-day

  • while a quarter (26%) thought they could eat five of the same pieces of fruit or vegetable to meet the daily requirement

  • Just over a third (34%) said they did not have time to eat the recommended amount

  • 18% said fruit and vegetables were too expensive

Under the pledge, supermarket chain Aldi will increase store space dedicated to fresh produce and promote discounted fruit and vegetable lines, Iceland will increase promotions and deals, Lidl will rebrand its entire range to make it more appealing to children.