Xi Jinping: 'Our party faces many severe challenges'

During his announcement as the new chief of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping said:

"Our responsibility is to rally and lead the whole party and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups in continuing to liberate our way of thinking, carry on reform and opening, further unleash and develop the productive forces.

"Work hard to resolve the difficulties the people face in both work and life, and steadfastly take the road of prosperity for all."

People watch a screen showing newly-elected General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping Credit: Reuters

"In the new environment, our party faces many severe challenges and there are many pressing problems within the party that need to be resolved, especially some party members and cadres being corrupt, taking bribes, being out of touch with the people, undue emphasis on formalities, and bureaucratism.

"These must be addressed with great efforts. The whole party must be vigilant against them."