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Tony Blair's father dies

Tony Blair's father Leo has died. The former Prime Minister described him as "a remarkable man" and said "I was privileged to have him as a Dad."

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Tony Blair's father - an interesting journey

Tony Blair’s father Leo, who died today, was a man with a remarkable life story.

  • He was given up for fostering by his parents – who were travelling performers - aged three months.
  • He left school at 14 and joined the Young Communist League.
  • He served in the Army in the Second World War.
  • After the war he studied law in his spare time to become a barrister and later a law lecturer in Australia and at Durham University.
  • He rose to chair the Durham Conservative Association and had aspirations to become a Tory MP.
  • After his son became Labour leader, he joined the party shortly after.
  • He sent a letter of congratulations to him on becoming PM - only to get a reply from Downing Street saying his idea was not something that No 10 could take up.

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