Boy reveals cancer scam by mother

A boy whose mother persuaded him he had cancer so she could fraudulently claim benefits has spoken about his "horrible" ordeal to the Daily Mirror.

The schoolboy, who had his head and eyebrows shaved as part of a £85,000 scam, said he believed he was going to die.

His mother, from the Stroud area of Gloucestershire, was jailed on Tuesday after she forged doctors' notes and made it look as though her son was taking medication for the disease.

She also forced him to wear a bandana and sent him to school in a wheelchair, where he was unable to run around and play and became the "butt of jokes".

The boy told The Mirror:

It was horrible being made to think I had cancer.

My mum made me think I was going to die.

I asked her to tell me why she did it but she wouldn't say.

She made me miss out on all the fun.