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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal

Egypt has announced a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that is set to begin at 7pm UK time. The announcement was made by the Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo alongside US Secretary if State Hillary Clinton.

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Hague: barrage of rockets 'intolerable' for Israelis

Defence Foreign Secretary William Hague said Hamas bears "principal responsibility" for sparking the current conflict in Gaza.

Mr Hague said a ground invasion of Gaza would "lose Israel a lot of international support and sympathy".

He said: "We have made our views on that very clear to Israel, just as we have made very clear that the barrage of rockets from Gaza on Southern Israel is an intolerable situation for the Israelis, and it's not surprising they have responded to that."

Speaking to the Sky News Murnaghan programme, he added: "Of course it is much more difficult to restrict and avoid civilian causalities during a ground invasion, and a large ground invasion would threaten to prolong the conflict."

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