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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal

Egypt has announced a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that is set to begin at 7pm UK time. The announcement was made by the Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo alongside US Secretary if State Hillary Clinton.

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Shadow foreign secretary: 'There has been no Middle East peace process for years'

Shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, speaking on the Andrew Marr Show said there has been no meaningful negotiation in the Middle East for years.

He said: "If you look back over the last 30 or 40 years, the real breakthroughs have come when the parties themselves want to see that negotiated two state solution.

"In that sense there is a heavy burden of responsibly both on the Palestinians but also critically on the Israelis to evidence a commitment.

"We talk about about a peace process. There hasn't been a peace process in the Middle East for years. There have been no meaningful negotiations. That's why this latest round of violence, with all the suffering and loss of life, doesn't offer a way forward."

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