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Young drivers to face curbs

Young drivers may be prevented from carrying any passengers other than family members under proposals being considered by the Government, reports the Daily Telegraph.

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76% want restrictions on young drivers

The ABI survey, to coincide with the start of Road Safety Week, was conducted by YouGov, with 3,742 people polled.

The survey found:

  • 76% agreed that there should be restrictions on young drivers after passing their driving test.
  • 71% supported restricting the number of young passengers that newly qualified young drivers were allowed to carry.
  • 57% agreed with a minimum 12-month learning period before taking the driving test to enable young drivers to gain more supervised practice.
  • 60% supported changes to the driving test and the way in which it was conducted.
  • 58% supported a restriction on night-time driving (11pm-4am) for newly qualified young drivers.

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