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No 10 seeks EU budget freeze

The Government is seeking "at best a cut, at worst a freeze" in the European Union budget negotiations this week, No 10 has said. The CBI president has urged ministers not to forget "our old friends in Europe".

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Boris: Time for PM 'to put on that pineapple-coloured wig and powder blue suit'

Boris Johnson has told David Cameron to "whirl his handbag round his head" in Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Rousseau

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has told the Prime Minister to ignore demands for a increase in the European Union budget.

David Cameron is to debate the new deal at the summit of European leaders this week, where Mr Johnson insists he has "absolutely no doubt that he will veto this package."

"It is time for David Cameron to put on that pineapple-coloured wig and powder blue suit, whirl his handbag round his head and bring it crashing to the table with the words no, non, nein, neen, nee, ne, ei and ochi, until they get the message."

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