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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal

Egypt has announced a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that is set to begin at 7pm UK time. The announcement was made by the Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo alongside US Secretary if State Hillary Clinton.

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  1. John Ray

Gaza's dead are buried as death toll reaches 100

A ceasefire might be tantalisingly close or it could still be several bloody days away.

But the fact of the matter in Gaza tonight is that Israeli drones are still overhead, the missiles are still flying and the death toll is still rising.

Hamas says the number of dead has reached three figures while Israel estimates that it is only slightly lower.

But the two sides bitterly dispute the number of fighters against the number of innocent bystanders who have been killed.

At the funeral I attended in Gaza today, there were missiles flying out and Israeli air strikes coming in. And as the dead were buried I saw fresh graves being dug.

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