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Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal

Egypt has announced a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas that is set to begin at 7pm UK time. The announcement was made by the Egyptian foreign minister in Cairo alongside US Secretary if State Hillary Clinton.

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  1. John Ray

Neither side wants the war over Gaza to escalate

As rockets continue to fall on both sides of the Gaza-Israel border, this is a war that no-one on either side wants to see escalate.

Warning: This report contains upsetting images.

It is a war that Israel would find very hard to justify if it meant putting its ground troops into harm's way to avenge the deaths of just three of their citizens.

There is also no appetite amongst the Israeli public for a war.

So while it could be that a ceasefire is tantalisingly close, it could also be many bloody days away as both parties thrash out the difficult detail of a truce.

But it boils down to one issue: Who will cease fire first?

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