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PM: We're in an economic war

David Cameron has told business leaders that "this country is in the economic equivalent of war today, we need the same spirit."

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PM: Government often 'far too slow at getting stuff done'

David Cameron will admit that the Government is often "far too slow at getting stuff done" - saying officials are "over cautious" because of fears about the reaction of lobby groups and Commons select committee.

Consultations, impact assessments, audits, reviews, stakeholder management, securing professional buy-in, complying with EU procurement rules, assessing sector feedback - this is not how we became one of the most powerful, prosperous nations on earth. It's not how you get things done. So I am determined to change this.

When this country was at war in the 40s, Whitehall underwent a revolution. Normal rules were circumvented. Convention was thrown out. As one historian put it, everything was thrown at 'the overriding purpose' of beating Hitler.

Well, this country is in the economic equivalent of war today - and we need the same spirit. We need to forget about crossing every 't' and dotting every 'i' - and we need to throw everything we've got at winning in this global race.


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