Cameron's answer on Europe?

So the PM was put on the spot by someone from the German embassy who asked how did the UK intend to keep close ties with the EU?

Well he made two robust defences of what has been achieved by the union and the UK's involvement in it - the single market and the enlargement of the EU to 27 countries.

Prime Minister David Cameron at the CBI today.
Prime Minister David Cameron at the CBI today. Credit: Press Association

But on the EU budget? A very firm defence of his position. He said it is not being a 'bad European' to protest at increases in the EU budget while cutting at home, and called for more scrutiny of the work and spending of the EU Commission.

He knows the negotiations on this will be tough. But as the Westminster and Brussels debate over the budget grinds on there is no sign of the PM shifting his stance.


No 10 seeks EU budget freeze

The Government is seeking "at best a cut, at worst a freeze" in the European Union budget negotiations this week, No 10 has said. The CBI president has urged ministers not to forget "our old friends in Europe".