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Energy bills simplified

The Energy Secretary has admitted the Government's plans for energy bills will not make them cheaper for everyone, but should make them simpler. Last month David Cameron vowed he would compel firms to put customers automatically on the lowest tariff

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Consumers must not end up as 'net losers' from energy plans

Reducing the number of tariffs for each supplier would still provide enough space for suppliers to compete, and would make it easier for more consumers to engage and exercise informed choice. It is a sensible move and suppliers could do it now. The success of this initiative will depend on how energy companies implement the change and how the regulator Ofgem takes it forward.

There is a risk of unintended consequences and in particular a general levelling up of prices. Ofgem will need to police the behaviour of suppliers and be vigilant about the level of margins that suppliers take from their remaining tariffs. Consumers must not end up as net losers.

– Adam Scorer, Director of Policy at Consumer Focus

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