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Energy bills simplified

The Energy Secretary has admitted the Government's plans for energy bills will not make them cheaper for everyone, but should make them simpler. Last month David Cameron vowed he would compel firms to put customers automatically on the lowest tariff

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Energy regulator to enforce fair treatment of consumers

Ofgem welcomes that the Government shares our vision of a simpler, clearer, fairer energy market for consumers and we will work closely with the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to deliver the most radical change to the retail market for a decade. These proposals - based on Ofgems Retail Market Review (RMR) - will put an end to consumers being bamboozled by complex tariffs and deliver choice that consumers easily understand.

We are also proposing much simpler information for consumers such as making suppliers give consumers their cheapest tariff on their bill. Ofgem is also going to enforce fair treatment of consumers using licence standards backed by fines.

– Ofgem statement

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