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Energy bills simplified

The Energy Secretary has admitted the Government's plans for energy bills will not make them cheaper for everyone, but should make them simpler. Last month David Cameron vowed he would compel firms to put customers automatically on the lowest tariff

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Your comments on plans for cheaper power plans

You've been telling us what you think about plans to reform the way customers are charged for electricity and gas. You can add your own comment on our Facebook page.

Vicki Brown I'm on an electric key and have storage heaters, in the winter I can pay up to £50 a week! I don't know the first thing about all these tariffs but I don't know the cost is killing me!!

Lisa Hudson Believe it when I see it,we have pay as you go meter...£80 so far this month!!!

Darren Duffy Here is an idea, if householders are going to be forced onto the cheapest tariff, then why is there more than one tariff? Why not eliminate all the other tariffs and just have one tariff that everyone is on?

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