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PM defends EU budget position

David Cameron has defended the collapse of talks aimed at agreeing the EU budget, saying: "We are not going to be tough on budgets at home and sign up to big increases in European spending in Brussels."

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Sweden and the Netherlands support cut in EU budget

The Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte share Britain's view that the EU bidget must be reduced:

We accept that the Netherlands will remain a net contributor, but we will insist on a fair deal that includes our rebate and a modern and sober EU budget that reflects these austere times ...

I'm not sure we'll succeed in one go. If it doesn't happen at once we have to avoid worsening the atmosphere by so much that we need months to restore personal relations. Let's try to get talks to a quiet end and continue in January.

– Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte

We want the overall spending levels to come down and also a more modern budget. It should address the competitiveness problems that we see in Europe.

– Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

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