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Nick Clegg calls for 'garden cities'

Nick Clegg is calling for the creation of a new generation of new towns and garden cities to address Britain's growing housing crisis. He will say the Government is making available £225 million in funding which will build 48,600 new homes.

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What are garden cities?

  • Garden cities were conceived by Ebenezer Howard (1850-1928).
  • His plan was for limited-size cities built on municipally owned low-cost agricultural land.
  • Each city would offer the benefits of urban living without the crowding and squalor of the Victorian city.
  • The centre of each city would be a garden, ringed by civil and cultural amenities, city hall, museum, library, and theatre.
  • Howard envisaged clusters of garden cities, linked by railways, and powered by new low-pollution electricity.
  • Prototype garden cities were built at Letchworth from 1903 and Welwyn from 1919, greatly influencing the new towns built after the Second World War.

Sources: Oxford Dictionary of Geography and Oxford Dictionary of British History.

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