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Steel giant Tata cuts 900 jobs

Steel company Tata is cutting 900 jobs and closing twelve sites under plans to improve competitiveness, the firm announced now.

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  1. Laura Kuenssberg

Tata boss in April: Govt polices put firm at a disadvantage

Tata Steel director Jon Ferriman said his firm was at a "competitive disadvantage" to French and German competitors Credit: ITV News

In April I spoke to the boss of Tata Steel in Wales.

Jon Ferriman, the director at the plant made clear what was making life harder for them.

He said UK policies, particularly on energy, put them at a "competitive disadvantage" to France or Germany, saying the way taxes on energy work mean Tata UK pays 25 to an incredible 50 percent more than Tata in France or Germany.

He said: "We are not making it attractive to invest in the UK...this is a difficult place to do manufacturing...I don't think manufacturing is seen as a critical industry in the UK."

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