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Eurozone reaches Greek deal

Greece is on its way to getting the next tranche of its much-needed bailout loans after finance ministers from the Eurozone countries agreed on a programme to reduce the country's debt.

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Lagarde: Debt deal puts Greece on 'sustainable path'

Key figures have reacted to last night's deal to reduce Greece's debt.

Christine Lagarde says the IMF has increased sustainability in Greece. Credit: Press Association

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde: "The IMF wanted to make sure the euro partners would take the necessary actions to bring Greece's debt on a sustainable path. I can say today that it has been achieved."

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi: “I very much welcome the decisions taken by the ministers of finance. The decision will certainly reduce the uncertainty and strengthen confidence in Europe and in Greece.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the eurogroup: “This is the promise of a better future for the Greek people and for the euro area as a whole, a break from the era of missed targets and loose implementation.”

Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras: "Everything went well... All Greeks fought together. A new day begins."

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