ITV News Index: 51% want statutory media regulation

Just over half the British public want the Government to introduce statutory regulation of the media, according to the ITV News Index carried out by ComRes:

  • 51% want to see statutory media regulation
  • 20% disagree
  • 29% dont know

Asked about the current regulation of British newspapers:

  • 6% say current regulations are too tough
  • 48% think they are not tough enough
  • 28% believe the current balance is about right

Asked how trust in the media and police has been affected by the phone hacking scandal:

  • 66% say that they do not have trust in the media
  • 65% say the revelations makes them worried that there is wider corruption among police


Leveson urges new press rules

Lord Justice Leveson has recommended further press regulation, underpinned by law, in his long-awaited report.