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Egypt judges' Mursi boycott

Egypt's opposition alliance called for protests to take place throughout country against what it called President Mursi's "illegitimate draft constitution". The country's judges will boycott the Dec.15 referendum and have refused to oversee the vote.

Cairo violence continues as protesters vent frustration

A protester runs away from tear gas fired by police in Cairo's Simon Bolivar Square Credit: APTN

Clashes between anti-Mursi protesters and police are continuing in Cairo, with demonstrators gathering in Simon Bolivar Square near the central Tahrir Square.

Protesters flee as police vehicles come from the distance Credit: APTN

The protesters say they are venting their frustration over a recent constitutional change made by Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi that grants him sweeping powers.

A fire is lit in the middle of the road as protesters gather Credit: APTN

Yesterday judges in the country's top courts went on strike to protest the President's seizure of near absolute powers.

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