Well-wishers urged to stop sending Christmas presents to soldiers

Well-wishers sending Christmas presents to soldiers in Afghanistan have been urged to stop - because they are clogging up the postal system and stopping letters and gifts from military families getting through.

Army bosses said they greatly appreciated the torrent of gifts sent to those serving abroad but appealed for them to make donations instead.

As with every year, the Christmas post period is by far our busiest.

Just this week we dispatched more than 10,500 bags of mail to operational theatres, which will arrive in time for Christmas Day.

Unsolicited mail can seriously impact on our ability to deliver post from loved ones to personnel serving on operations at Christmas.

We do not underestimate the impact that mail from friends and family can have on morale and it is for that reason we make it our priority each year to ensure it arrives on time.

– Lieutenant Colonel Brett Duxbury, of the British Forces Post Office