Report: A third of over-75s live alone

  • A third of over-75s who live alone typically spend 12 hours a day by themselves.
  • Overall, one in ten in that age group say that they feel intensely lonely all the time.
  • Some 246,000 will spend Christmas Day alone.
  • Two in five marriages fail has serious repercussions for the elderly.
  • Family breakdown has led to more and more young people becoming estranged from their ageing relatives.
  • So-called ‘silver separations’ are also becoming more common.
  • More than 11,500 over-60s were granted a divorce in 2009.
  • Pensioners are the only group for whom the divorce rate is still rising.


Elderly alone at Christmas

As millions of Britain's elderly are struggling to stay warm in the cold spell, new research reveals that a quarter of a million pensioners will spend Christmas alone.