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SAS man wife tribute

SAS sniper Danny Nightingale who was freed yesterday after being jailed for illegally possessing a pistol has paid tribute to the campaigning efforts of his wife Sally.

Freed SAS sniper describes trauma of being locked up

Freed SAS sniper Danny Nightingale has said he feared for his family while jailed for illegally possessing a pistol. He told The Sun:

It was traumatic being locked up - it was like the shock of capture. I’ve been to far worse places but in those places I was outside and not confined. I’ve done a lot of things in my work, but this is the hardest because of the fear that it could rip my family apart.

But he revealed his joy upon finally being reunited with his wife Sally and daughters Mara and Alys.

Mara only said three words when she saw me - "Daddy you’re home" - but it meant the world. She doesn’t even say that much when I’ve been away on a six-month tour of duty.

It feels awesome to have my girls in my arms. Words can’t explain how I feel to be free and surrounded by my family again. I’m back with my wife and my daughters and that’s what counts. You can’t beat that feeling.

– Danny Nightingale

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