JK Rowling 'Dismayed' over PM's Leveson response

The Harry Potter author JK Rowling has said she is "alarmed and dismayed" by the Prime Minister's reaction to the recommendations from Lord Justice Leveson:

I am alarmed and dismayed that the Prime Minister appears to be backing away from assurances he made at the outset of the Leveson inquiry.

Without statutory underpinning Leveson’s recommendations will not work.

We will be left with yet another voluntary system from which the press can walk away.

If the Prime Minister did not wish to change the regulatory system even to the moderate, balanced and proportionate extent proposed by Lord Leveson, I am at a loss to understand why so much public money has been spent and why so many people have been asked to re-live extremely painful episodes on the stand in front of millions.

Having taken David Cameron’s assurances in good faith at the outset of the inquiry he set up, I am merely one among many who feel duped and angry in its wake.

You can read her statement on full on the Hacked Off website.