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Egypt judges' Mursi boycott

Egypt's opposition alliance called for protests to take place throughout country against what it called President Mursi's "illegitimate draft constitution". The country's judges will boycott the Dec.15 referendum and have refused to oversee the vote.

Egypt's judges confirm referendum boycott

The Egyptian Judges' Club, a union with around 9,500 members, said the country's judges would not - as is customary - supervise the December 15 referendum on a draft constitution, which President Mohamed Mursi called for.

We have decided to boycott the supervision on the constitution referendum scheduled on December 15, 2012, in protest against what is called 'constitution decree', and until this decree is rescinded.

– Head of Egypt's Judges' Club, Judge Ahmed al Zend

The absence of the Judges Club's oversight is likely to raise more questions about the vote's validity.

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