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Council chief and wife dead

A council leader and his wife have been found shot dead on a housing estate.

The pair have not been formally identified but are believed to be North Norfolk District Council leader Keith Johnson, 58, and his wife, Andrea.

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Neighbours shocked after 'lovely couple' die in shooting

Derek Houlston, whose garden backs on to the couple's property, said:

She was bubbly and really friendly. We used to see her walking her dog.

He was always very friendly too but we saw him doing his paper round - which she got him to do to keep fit - on Saturday and he seemed really depressed.

I said hello but he just kept his head down and didn't respond. It's really sad because they seemed like such a lovely couple.

David Stow, who lives nearby, said he heard a single gunshot on Sunday.

We're in the country so we hear a lot of gunshots so at first I didn't think anything of it. But then I saw the police arrive and realised it must be something serious.

I knew them to speak to and they always seemed a very nice couple.

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