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NI police car petrol-bombed

A police car with an officer inside was petrol-bombed outside the Belfast office of an Alliance MP in an attack by around 15 masked people. Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers will make an urgent statement to the Commons this afternoon.

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  1. Marc Mallett - ITV News Correspondent

What went so horribly wrong in Belfast?

What was supposed to be an informed and what was going to be an intense debate politicians told us, was going to happen this evening. About this union flag which has flown over Belfast City Hall for a hundred years or so.

Well nationalists and republican politicians wanted to see that flag removed completely. That debate was then amended, there was going to be a motion put forward to fly the flag on designated days. As soon as the council passed that resolution then we were witnessing these ugly scenes.

Security guards working for Belfast City Council were injured. Two of them in total. Police are telling us that five police officers were injured during this rioting tonight - a press photographer as well.

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