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NATO to send missiles to Turkey

NATO has given the go-ahead to deploy Patriot missiles to Turkey's border with Syria, an official has told news agency Reuters.

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Turkey requested defences to combat 'chemical threat'

Turkey made its request for Patriot missiles to combat the potential threat of both ballistic and chemical missiles from Syria, according to an unnamed NATO diplomat.

The United States yesterday issued a stern warning following reports that Syria's chemical weapons had been moved and could be prepared for use in response to dramatic gains by rebels fighting to topple President Assad.

Syria later denied it would use chemical weapons against its own people.

Yet the NATO diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed Turkey was fearful of a potential chemical threat, saying:

Turkey's request, when it came to Patriots, was to augment its air defences with the capacity to deal with the threat of ballistic missiles and particularly the threat of ballistic missiles potentially armed with chemical warheads.

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