What the editors say about forming a new press regulator

The Prime Minister met newspaper editors in Downing Street today to discuss their response to the Leveson Report on ethics and standards earlier today.

Many editors are thought to favour a new press regulator that takes on board some of Lord Justice Leveson's proposals, but is not underpinned by legislation.

  • Sarah Sands (London Evening Standard) said they were "talking about a couple of weeks to try to come up with a solution that really satisfies everybody".
  • Chris Blackhurst (Independent) said they agreed that a new regulator would need to have powers to impose large fines and order printed apologies.
  • Lloyd Embley (Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, The People) said there is "a firm belief that papers can deliver Leveson principles far more quickly without legislation".
  • Tony Gallagher (Daily Telegraph) likened today's meeting to "the summoning of the Five Families in The Godfather".