Charles: I 'worry all the time' about Harry

Prince Charles was speaking at an awards ceremony for military achievement and bravery. Credit: PA

Prince Charles has revealed the anguish he suffers when Harry is serving in the army.

He told an audience at The Sun's Military Awards: "I really do understand the worry of service families when their loved ones are away serving in somewhere like Afghanistan.

“It’s almost easier for those serving away than for those left behind because you worry all the time."

And Charles, 64, says he prefers letters to emails from Captain Wales, as Harry is known in the military, partly because the artefacts will one day be important pieces of history.

“From time to time I’ve even persuaded him to write me a letter," he said.

“Because, I keep saying, if you write me a letter and not just an email or a text or something, in 30 years’ time or 40 years’ time that will be interesting history.”