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NI police car petrol-bombed

A police car with an officer inside was petrol-bombed outside the Belfast office of an Alliance MP in an attack by around 15 masked people. Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers will make an urgent statement to the Commons this afternoon.

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PSNI: Loyalist groups orchestrating some of the violence

PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr confirmed Loyalist paramilitaries have been orchestrating some of the violence seen in the past 24 hours.

We appeal to those who plan to come into the city centre to protest to stay away and let people get on with every day business such as Christmas shopping.

We are also warning anyone who does engage in criminal activity that they will face the full rigours of the law.

Violence has serious and unwanted consequences for us all and we will robustly investigate all incidents.

Today I am urging everyone to be calm, take a step back and think about how this violence is affecting not just their own communities but the whole of Northern Ireland.

– PSNI Assistant Chief Constable Will Kerr

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