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Environment Sec backs GM food

Genetically modified food should be grown and sold widely in Britain, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson has said.

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Genetically modified foods: Facts and figures

  • Two types of GM crop are currently authorised for cultivation in the EU: an insect-resistant maize and a potato with modified starch content for industrial use.
  • Neither of these is relevant or suitable for production in the UK.
  • In 2011, the maize was grown on 114,490 hectares in 6 EU countries and the potato was grown on 17 hectares in 2 countries.
  • Worldwide, in 2011 GM crops were grown by around 16.7 million farmers in 29 countries.
  • The area grown has increased steadily year-on-year, reaching about 160 million hectares in 2011.
  • This represents an 8% increase in the number of farmers and the area grown since 2010.

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