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Police attack 'attempted murder'

Police say they are treating an attack by loyalists on a police officer in Belfast on Monday night as attempted murder. A gang threw a petrol bomb into his unmarked vehicle after surrounding and smashing it.

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Govt: Rioters 'shaming the flag of our country'

Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers says Loyalist thugs who have rioted for eight nights in Belfast have brought shame on the Union flag. She told the Commons that 32 police officers had been hurt and 38 people charged over the violence:

No-one can be in any doubt about this Government's support for the union and its flag, but those people engaged in the kind of violence we have seen in the past few days are not defending the Union flag. There is nothing remotely British about what they are doing; they are dishonouring and shaming the flag of our country with their lawless and violent activities. They discredit the cause they claim to support.

– Northern Ireland Secretary, Theresa Villiers

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