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Criticism for 'snooper's bill'

Nick Clegg has added his voice to growing criticism of Theresa May's 'snooper's charter'. He said the Home Office's proposed new powers for crime fighters to monitor all emails, web visits and phone calls need a "fundamental rethink".

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Government to look at data bill 'redraft'

Downing Street has responded to the furore surrounding the Home Office's proposed Communications Bill, saying: "We understand that this is a controversial subject."

David Cameron's official spokesman told a regular Westminster press briefing: "That is why the Government took the decision to subject the Bill to pre-legislative scrutiny."

He added:

The committee has come back with a series of issues and, as the Home Office has been making clear, we accept the substance of the committee's criticisms and we will look at how we can redraft the legislation to take account of those.

There is no difference of opinion on the principle here. We are all committed to fixing this problem that we have, which is that our capability is diminishing because of technology. We want to maintain that capability, we are not looking to extend it.

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