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Freezing fog grounds flights

Airports have been forced to cancel dozens of flights as ice and thick fog descended on the UK overnight.

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Why does fog cause such disruption at airports?

Heathrow Airport has explained why fog causes such huge delays at airports;

When there is reduced visibility, drivers have to leave more space between them and the car in front. The situation is no different with aircraft. And if there is more space between planes, not as many planes can land or take-off each hour – which can mean delays and cancellations.

The airport added that cancelling flights in advance introduces space into the schedule and aims to reduce disruption for passengers by:

  • Allowing airlines to rebook passengers onto un-allocated seats on other flights, significantly reducing the number of passengers that cannot travel that day
  • Giving passengers clear information about the status of their flight so they can rebook from home or their hotel
  • Helping to avoid flights being cancelled at short notice, significantly reducing the chances of people staying at terminals overnight

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