Appetite to buy CDs and DVDs on High Street remains

Despite HMV's financial woes, a straw poll of Twitter users appears there is still an appetite for a place where customers can physically browse CDs and DVDs.

Responding to ITV News Business Editor Laura Kuenssberg's question if people still shopped in HMV rather than bought online, people replied:


@itvlaurak Sometimes it's just nice to browse in a real place. Instant gratification (no waiting on the post).


@itvlaurak combination of convenience and price - would rather buy digital copy, but HMV's DVDs are cheaper!


@itvlaurak occasionally when home as i have an old car with a CD player. Nice to have new songs. Otherwise it's all iTunes.


HMV warning as sales tumble

HMV faces an uncertain future as its sales continue to fall. The company is in discussions with the banks over concerns their loan terms may not be met.