Vaz: Ms Saldanha's family 'need to receive the full facts'

Labour MP Keith Vaz has released a copy of a letter he had written to John Lofthouse, chief executive of King Edward VII's Hospital following the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha.

It contained a reference to comments made by the Prime Minister David Cameron that "having the full facts of the case" allows people to come to terms with what happened following the prank call from two Australian DJs.

I have dealt with similar cases in the past and I would agree with the Prime Minister that the family need to get the full facts, from the time she took the call from 2Day FM to the time she was found in her accommodation.

– Keith Vaz MP

The letter stated Ms Saldanha's family would take up the hospital's offer of bereavement counselling and that they had also given the institution a list of questions they wanted answered.

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