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No charges against US hacker

Gary McKinnon, who is wanted in the US after hacking into the Pentagon's computers, will not face charges in Britain. The CPS reviewed his case after the Government blocked his extradition to America in October on health grounds.

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'CPS have declared decision not to prosecute McKinnon'

The Crown Prosecution Service have declared their decision not to prosecute Gary McKinnon in the UK.

They state that the appropriate jurisdiction would be the United States, which is an interesting decision bearing in mind Mr McKinnon was originally arrested and interviewed by British police in 2002.

Mr McKinnon has always indicated that he would be willing to plead guilty to an offence under the Misuse of Computers Act but clearly cannot do so if he is not going to be prosecuted.

Mr McKinnon's legal team remains aware that his extradition warrant is still outstanding and will seek to explore other ways in which Mr McKinnon can receive complete closure on this long saga.

– Gary McKinnon's solicitors Kaim Todner

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